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Afghan Criminals


This site is to show the world why Afghanistan is the way it is.  It is a ruined and struggling country, one of the poorest countries to ever be added to the "third-world countries" list.  And this site will show those criminals that have brought Afghanistan to such a low status.     
Today's Afghanistan was once known as Khorasan and as Khorasan, it had many great things to offer to the world.  They were an advancing civilization, center of Islamic culture.  With its wonderful contributions in literature, art, architecture, and science through respected people such as Rumi, Avicena, Khayyam, Sa'adi (etc.) Khorasan was once a great and prospering place. 
But all good things must come to an end, as the old saying goes.  The region was attacked by swarms of Pashtun nomads and Afghans who had crawled out of their caves and from under their rocks. They desecrated the country, changed the name, and imposed their uncultured ways and leaders onto the people of Khorasan.  It all started with Abdali and his barbaric tribes and went downhill from there.
This site will bring the biography of these criminals and the wrongs they've done to Afghanistan and to other regions as well.  The first barbarian to hit Khorasan soil was the aforementioned Abdali in 1747.  The first thing he did was attack India and destroy their towns. He is most hated in India as well as Afghanistan.    
The criminals will be broken up by centuries, from the 18th Century to Current Time. Feel free to contact us if you wish to add anything or anyone. 



Afghan Passion

Caravans of silk, beautiful lads, and sharp swords,

Are what a brave Afghan with pride hoards

When the swords of Afghans glitter,

The caravan and its merchandise shiver.

The camels moan and the riders groan,

As they near Khybar[1] with their spirits blown.

Caravans and merchants whine and weep,

When onto the Pass mighty Pashtons leap.

If a Pashton extracts no tolls from a trader,

His tribe considers him a sellout traitor.

The Arab boys and the Frang[2] women,

Crave the strength of Pashton men.

From Hindustan[3] to the distant west,

Afghans have put all to this test.

O son one word I have for thee,

Fear no one and no one you flee.

Pull out your sword and slay any one,

That says Pashton and Afghan are not one.

Arabs know this and so do Romans,

Afghans are Pashtons, Pashtons are Afghans.

By Khoshaal Khan Khatek

[1] Pass-acient route connecting Afghanistan with Pakistan

[2] Frang-a term describing an infidel westerner

[3] Hindustan-modern India and Pakistan