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Afghan Criminals
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Afghanistan has seen many forms of oppression and destruction throughout its history -- be it from the government or terrorism, etc. One form comes from the Afghan Mellat party, a small segment of fascists within ethnic Pashtuns, a minority group in Afghanistan. As Jean-Paul Sartre once said, "Fascism is not defined by the number of its victims, but by the way it kills them." The party has "killed its victims" i.e the non-Pashtuns of Afghanistan by trying to eliminate their culture, language, identity, and their presence within the country. Every other ethnic group in Afghanistan has been victimized by the Afghan Mellat party whose aim is to destroy everything that stands in the way of their fascistic goal of "Pashtunizing" the country. The very existence of the Afghan Mellat party is a threat to every other ethnic group in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan is a country of several minority groups: Tajiks, Pashtuns, Hazaras, Uzbeks, Haimaq, etc. As stated earlier, the Afghan Mellat party is a small segment of fascists within the Pashtuns who have worked hard – and continue to do so -- to "Pashtunize" Afghanistan by imposing their beliefs unto the country at the expense of others' beliefs and ways. The Afghan Mellat has no qualms in putting their own selfish ethnic interests ahead and above the national interests of Afghanistan. Therefore, it is no surprise that the Afghan Mellat party has been referred to as a Neo Nazi group, the social equivalent of AIDS. The party is in Afghanistan what Hitler's Nazi was in Germany and what the KKK was in America. They are clearly a parasite, lashing unto the country and sucking it dry, using the country for all its worth. Given the fact that ethno-racism, bigotry and just over-all disregard for the well-being of Afghanistan as a country is rampant among the tribal Pashtuns, it is no surprise that a movement as dangerous as the Afghan Mellat party has developed and poisoned the environment. After all, a filthy swamp is where diseases develop and fester.

Though they are a minority within a minority group themselves, the party has maneuvered their positions so that they have a direct path to power i.e. through Hamid Karzai and the high positions he assigned them to. The fascistic Afghan Mellat has existed for quite some time and has always undermined the very fabrics of Afghanistan's weak socio-political existence. During lunatic Mohammad Daud and careless Zahir Shah's time the group took every opportunity to further their own fascistic agendas. They formed the disgraceful Pashto Tolana (Pashto Society) with the intent of forcing the tribal language, Pashto, unto the public and using it to dominate over every ethnicity. Their agendas included inventing new Pashto terms and words to replace the already existing official Farsi words and terms for national and institutional use. Also fabricating an anthology called the Pota Khazana (Hidden Treasure), disclaim the Durand Line treaty, enforce Pashto, etc. The fraudulent Pota Khazana was unsuccessfully passed off as an authentic work of literature that would also provide some sort of history to the Pashtuns but instead, the scheme backfired on them when the anthology failed to prove legitimate. As for the Durand Line, it is an internationally recognized border between Afghanistan and Pakistan. The fascistic Pashtuns continue to claim the line invalid because they would like to claim two of Pakistan's provinces as their own: the NWFP and Baluchistan. With these two provinces under their belt, the percentage of Pashtuns would rise in Afghanistan as would their dream of Pashtunistan. As for enforcing Pashto, they do so with the intention of eradicating Farsi from the country. They are virtually trying to uproot Farsi which is the lingua de Franca of Afghanistan. These actions of theirs illustrate their malevolence intentions for the non-Pashtuns of Afghanistan.

After the communist coup, the Afghan Mellat party broke off into several groups. One branch merged with the Khalqis (the Pashtun communist pro-Soviet group which seized power through a coup), others joined the likes of Islamist terrorist Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, an ethnic Pashtun, while others left Afghanistan and headed for the West. The Khalqis actively performed ethnic cleansing as well as imprisoning non-Pashtun intellectuals and individuals. The ones that joined Gulbuddin Hekmatyar participated in his acts of destructions: murdering, firing rockets at civilians, etc. During the Taliban's reign, some of the members who were living in the West returned to lend their support to the Pashtun Taliban. During that time, a book was written called "Dwauma Saqawe" (The Second Water-Bearer) by another ethnocentric Pashtun who published it under the pseudonym Samsur Afghan. The book was written in Pashto and it proposed a plan to remove Tajiks and Hazaras from key areas and replace them with Pashtuns from the South or from
the NWFP. These "key areas" that the fascists want to steal are the land and homes of the Tajiks and Hazaras, who are indigenous to the land and have lived there for thousands of years. The fascist Afghan Mellatis want to replace the Tajiks and Hazaras with Pashtuns because they want to eliminate any source of resistance in those areas. And it wouldn't be the first time that something like this was suggested and carried out.

The book also compares the great leader of resistance, Ahmad Shah Massoud, an ethnic Tajik, to Habibullah Kalakani by calling Massoud the "Second Water-Bearer." Kalakani was a Tajik adventurer who ruled as king of Afghanistan from January to October 1929. The conniving Nadir Shah had Kalakani overthrown and killed by Pashtun tribal mercenaries from both sides of Durand who were aided by the British. The document also alleges that Massoud and his supporters in the Panjshir Valley are prone to receiving aid from foreigners, i.e. Russia, Iran, and India. The outrageous solution to this so-called problem is that the Panjshir population must face displacement as their homes and land, too, are stolen and distributed to the Pashtuns of the South. The South has nothing but desert while the Panjshir has an abundant of agriculture to offer. It is clear who would be prospering over this proposed transaction. It was also suggested that a buffer zone be
created between Kabul, and the Panjshir and Bagram and for that area to be settled by the nomads and tribal Pashtuns from the south. These ethnocentric Pashtuns can not even create homes for their own kind in their own region and they wish to destroy the homes of others. What right do they have in proposing such a plan? The very idea to steal someone's home and their land -- the very home and land that have belonged to them for
centuries before Pashtuns migrated to the area or even the region was named Afghanistan by the British -- is an obvious threat to the stability of the non-Pashtuns, an absolute majority population in the country. How safe are the people of Afghanistan if they can become the new Diaspora within a short amount of time? With such jealousy and hatred how could the non-Pashtuns ever hope for social equality or even justice?

The Afghan Mellat members who stayed in the West started referring to themselves as Social Democrats -- which, obviously, they were not. The term "Social Democracy" is easily accessible so it is a wonder that the fascist Afghan Mellat did not bother looking it up. "Social Democracy" is the particular type of society that social democrats support while maintaining three principles/goals: (1) freedom (2) equality and social justice and (3) solidarity. It is quite evident that the Afghan Mellat did not stand for any of these principles. They suppress the non-Pashtuns instead of offering any sort of freedom, they discredit any notion of equality and social justice within the nation, and when it comes to solidarity, they only have the unity among the tribal Pashtuns in mind. Fascist Afghan Mellatis in the West -- Anwar Ul-Haq Ahady, Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai, Ali Jalali, etc. – became pro-Taliban as well and propagated their cause from America and Europe. They
did so by writing articles and essays that they had published on – and spread by -- the internet. Ali Jalali was the head of the Pashto Services of Voice of America and he was extremely biased in his coverage i.e. showing only the Taliban side, etc. Ahady, who was teaching at a Rhodes Island Community College, wrote essays that he had published online, aiding the Taliban's cause by defaming the popular national resistance against the
Taliban. They were like the Taliban in many aspects except they weren't religious. These fascists were living comfortably in the west while furthering their agendas through the Taliban. Both groups wanted Pashtun supremacy and power and they didn't care who they harmed.

After 9/11 when the US started bombing the Taliban, the fascist Afghan Mellatis saw an opportunity for them to return to Afghanistan under the pretense of being technocrats to further their agenda. With the aid of their mentor Zalmay Khalilzad, the former US Ambassador to Afghanistan, they returned to Kabul, and momentarily dropped any support they had for the Taliban. They knew that International aid money would be pouring in and they wanted to steal as much as they could. Aside from gaining financially they also grabbed the key posts in the government: i.e. Abdul Rahim Wardak became
Minister of National Defense, Hedayat Amin Arsala became Senior Minister in the Cabinet, Mohamad Hanif Atmar became Minister of Education, Mohammad Amin Fatimie became Minster of Public Health, Yousef Pashtun became Minister of Urban Development, Anwar Ul-Haq Ahady (who is also head of the Afghan Mellat) became Minister of Finance, etc. However, Afghan Mellatis did not win any positions and posts on their own by being elected; instead Karzai appointed them all to high-profile posts such as ministries, advisors, chancellors, and deputies. So Karzai surrounded himself with the Afghan Mellat, making them his main policy-makers. Once they took their place in the government, Afghan Mellatis welcomed Taliban members into the government and they were given positions as well. Of course they have only their own agenda in mind and will do whatever they can do for the betterment of only their own tribes as opposed to looking out for the betterment of the country as a whole. Some of the members of the Afghan Mellat party who live in Europe such as Rostar Taraki, Azam Sistani, Wali Ahmad Noori, Khalilullah Maroofi, write articles and essays that bash all the other ethnicities and their values. Their intentions are to show the tribal Pashtuns as dominant group and all the other ethnicities as insignificant groups in Afghanistan. Their writings are posted all over the internet and their views reflect the intentions and collective views of the entire Afghan Mellat party.

As the finance minister, Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai did not properly allocate money to areas for educational needs, health facilities, infrastructure, etc. Instead he mainly allocated funds to insignificant projects involving violent Pashtun tribal areas of the south. He also refused to give up his American Citizenship as it was required by the constitution from all members of cabinet, so he was replaced by another Afghan Mellat, Anwar Ul-Haq
Ahady. Ghani was then demoted to being the Chancellor of Kabul University. He does not bother to hide his contempt for Farsi as a language. On his first day, Ghani entered Kabul University and upon seeing the Farsi sign Danishgah (University) and Pashto sign, he broke off the Farsi sign and began kicking it around, stating that he did not want the sign anywhere around. He also closed down the only library in Kabul University because
most of the books in the library were published in Iran. Kabul University is the only University in the capital. Now, what kind of treatment should the students of the University expect from someone like him when he is so blatantly against their language and culture? He is biased and intolerant and such a person should not be given any source of power because it is obvious what a danger he is to the foundation of the country. He obviously does not believe in equality among the ethnic groups or the languages.

When the new bills were printed during the period of the interim government, without the consent of a representative body such as an elected government or a Parliament, Anwar Ul-Haq Ahady had the notes of the bills written in English and Pashto instead of Farsi, which is far better known in Afghanistan than Pashto ever was or will be. Such actions indicate that they have several ways of trying to eradicate Farsi from the country. The fascist Afghan Mellat knows that Pashto will never catch on naturally which is why they try to force the language upon the country. It is mandated upon the students in school and it's also forced upon the public by having the national anthem in Pashto. They are trying to elevate Pashto to a higher status than it deserves and can only do so by sheer force.

It was hoped that the fascistic Pashtuns would have been more socially and politically responsible and would have stayed away from undermining the national foundations of our country. Instead they chose to abuse their power and abuse Afghanistan and its people. As long as people like Anwar Ul-Haq Ahady, Asharf Ghani Ahmadzai, Hashmat Ghani Ahmadzai, Amin Arsala, Atmaar, Amin Wakman, Sharzai, Enam Wak, Ali Jalali etc. have any kind of power, the Afghan Mellat will actively be involved in destroying Afghanistan and keeping the idea of freedom, social justice and equality at a far, far distance.

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