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Afghan Criminals
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20th Century

The 20th Century begins with Habibullah Khan, Abdul Rahman's son, who was also on the payroll of the British.  He confirmed the the Durand Line Treaty of 1905 as a legal document signed by Abdul Rahman and the British Indian Foreign Secretary. 
Nadir Shah, king from 1929-1933, was another dog for the British.  He is known to be devious, conniving, and untrustworthy.  His rule was tyrannical and dark, causing various ethnic battles as well as raping, destroying, and pillaging non-Pashtun areas.
After Nadir Shah, a herd of criminals succeeded one after the other: Zahir Shah, Daud Khan, Khalqis & Parchamis, Taraki, Amin, Babrak, Najib. 
The century ended with the Taliban in power.