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Afghan Criminals
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19th Century

The 19th Century started with fighting between criminal Abdali's sons and grandsons.  The rivalry spread between the two tribes of Sadozai and Barakzai.  They could not have been more merciless or barbaric.  Brothers were pulling out the eyes of brothers.  Sons were murdering fathers.  It was every man for himself. 
Then they all became the puppets of the British with Shah Shujah the first among them.  They were all the descendants of Abdali and the Sadozai clan.  The Barakzais were the next to branch out: Dost Muhammad Khan, Sher Ali Khan, Afzal Khan, Yaqub Khan, Abdul Rahman.  All of them were receiving a set salary from the British as their puppets. 
The century ends with the Durand Line signed by Abdul Rahman.   

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